Main Maple 1905 Victor

Today I guess I begin a journey of sorts that people may or may not have interest in.  Now I have a historical soap box to stand on and share with the world as much of my families history in Victor New York as I possibly can.
My passion with history started in 4th grade when my grandmother Madeline (Farrell) Crane was brought into my classroom as “Show And Tell.” Yes the days in grade school where you could bring that one unique thing into your class on that one special day and rub it in your classmates noses. To me that was my grandma. I don’t really remember asking her to come to the class that day I think it was probably my mother Maryann (Crane) Bauer who probably had more to do with it. The attached photo is one of the first photos that I can recall my grandmother pulling out of her collection as she talked about the days of old with my 4th grade class.