Band Stand On Main Street Victor, NY 1905“The only thing new in the world is the history you don’t know.”

Harry S Truman

Time always gets the best of us. The would have, the could have and the should have. Those thoughts sure flow thorough my mind when I pass through the village of Victor. As more and more development happens to our once sleepy little town those historic pieces are often forgotten about. The old bandstand in intersection of Maple Avenue and Main is one of them . I remember being a little kid and seeing this picture of the bandstand for the first time and my mom and grandmother insisting that it was still standing in my lifetime. If it was….I don’t remember it. When I looked up the definition of a bandstand it stated “A covered outdoor platform for a band to play on, typically in a park.” I can’t even imagine a bandstand still standing in that intersection on main street. It is so hard to believe that it was once slow enough in the village to gather in the middle of main street and hear a musician play or listen to a speaker speak, however once upon a time it was possible. The photograph that I have, I believe is another Fred Locke original. My grandmother always talked about how photography was a hobby of his, and he had an obsession with photographing the clouds and the sky, and this photograph proves it. This photo is 109 years old and my how things have changed.