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Nell working the phones

Who knew Alexander Graham Bell was onto something when he stated the quote above. From almost any computer device today you can video chat with anyone anyplace. Back in the day Victor was of course introduced to the telephone. It was set up above one of the many existing business on main street. The woman in the photo’s name is Nellie Hurley and she was one of the first switch board operators for little old Victor. My grandmother told the story of how she was a niece and had lived with my great great grandmother for some time because I don’t believe she had any family except her brother Frank who also lived with my Great Great grandmother Catherine. From what I can gather from this census it looks as though Nellie and Frank came down from Canada.  Really looking at this photo you can’t help but notice the oil lamps on the wall and the huge switch board that Nellie had to supervise. What an experience she must have had. I am sure this was considered pretty high tech for it’s time. My how far we have come.

A special thank you to a new found relative Collin Farrell who sent me the 1910 census that gave me even more information on Great Great Grandma Catherine, Great Grandpa Joesph, Nellie, & Franks. Their information can be found on the very bottom of the report.


Victor New York 1910 Census