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I guess I am figuring out in big ways my family tree and it continues to be more and more exciting as I ask questions, Google, and hear tales that I never knew existed. After receiving a message from a long lost cousin last week (Thanks Collin) I stopped by my great aunt Esther’s place to get some more facts. Between Aunt Esther and Collin I have confirmation on some facts. We know that Joesph came in to the US from Canada. Collin found him in the 1871 Census of Canada, living in Richmond Township, Lennox County, Ontario. This place has changed names since then and its now somewhere around Greater Napanee, Ontario, but its on the northeastern shore of Lake Ontario, around the Bay of Quinte.  Aunt Esther confirmed this because she had taken a trip up there with my great uncle Edward. She said when they went up to Canada that there was information that was salvaged from an old Church. She recalls a huge book from the church that a woman forbid them to touch because it was so tattered and old. Aunt Esther said that they it was almost impossible to read and they came up empty handed about finding any more family information from Ireland. Collin found Patrick in the 1875 Census of NY State.  “I think that he arrived to Victor sometime between February and June of 1875, because the youngest daughter at the time of the census has her place of birth in Canada, but was only 5 months old at the time of the census, which was taken on June 2 1875 I believe. At this time, Patrick’s mother Dora Farrell is living with him in Victor.” Aunt Esther tells me that when the Farrell’s “Landed” in Victor that they resided at the cobblestone house at the end of Dryer Road. 7680 is the present day address and I have the Victor historical team looking for any information they can give me on that home. The only photo that I can find is the current day one below.


The funny story is that I fell in love with this house when it was for sale a few years back and my sister and I were contemplating pooling our money together to purchase it.

Father Patrick, Mother Catherine

Mary 1865 (Canada) – 1919
John 1868
Michael 1870 – 1950
Joesph 1872 – 1935
Elizabeth “Lizzie” 1875 – 1899
William 1878-1962
Charles 1880-1954
The Farrell’s lived in the home until Patricks death…
From Ontario County Times 18 February 1885Victor, N. Y. –  On Tuesday (this is would be Feb 10th, 1885) evening of last week, Patrick Farrell attempted to get off from the 7 o’clock mail train from the east, as it was leaving the station. He fell and the train ran over his right arm. He was carried to the house of Milton Stafford. The arm was amputated on Thursday (Feb 12th, 1885), and on Monday (Feb 16th, 1885) the patient died from his injuries.
             Collin had sent me that via email and my Aunt Esther repeated it verbatim. She recalled that story VERY well! She proceeded to tell me that after Patrick had passed that the Farrell boys (John, Michael, Joesph, William & Charles) purchased the new family homestead on East Main Street. Aunt Esther tells me there is a photo out there, that I am searching for, of Catherine dressed in black standing in front of the home on Dryer Road mourning the loss of Patrick.

The Farrell house is the house to the far left of this photo and the date on the back says that it is around 1922. I am still looking into when exactly the home on East Main Street was purchased by the boys. My Aunt Esther said that when her and Uncle Carl bought the house from the estate that there were multiple deeds for the home because the boys kept buying it from each other. Oh she also stated that they were all “A bunch of drunks!” I mean they were Irish! Stay tuned……